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    Thread: Work Prospects

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      Mick, Deb, James

      Work Prospects

      Hi, we are in the process of applying to emigrate to Adelaide, passed TRA and preparing to lodge Visa application. Wondered what the job prospects are in Adelaide for myself as a Maintenance Engineer (hydraulic/pneumatic), preferably within the plastics industry, and my OH to work part-time in an office (clerical/admin etc.). We also have a son aged 7 so would prefer to be near good school.
      Can anyone give us any help/advice regarding where to find jobs and good schools in Adelaide.

      Many thanks for any help you can give us.


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      Hi Mick and Debbie

      Welcome to PIA :) There are loads and loads of admin jobs around through agencies and advertised on seek.com. Not sure on your hubbies but as it is on the skills list there should be some jobs around :D

      Every suburb has schools so plenty around to chose from once you know which area you are going to settle in. When are you thinking of coming over?


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      rick b
      hi everyone
      just wondering if anyone knows if there are many jobs in recruitment in adelaide,seen a lot of jobs advertised on line,also what about general building jobs ????
      rick b


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