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    Thread: IT job

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      Smile IT job

      Can anyone tell me how much scope for IT industry in Adelaide.

      Is it now getting better after the recent economy down fall?



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      Hi Muraly,

      We would be interested to know this too. Although from looking on SEEK etc there does seem to be more jobs around than at the beginning of the year.

      What area of IT do you work in??? My oh is in Network Security, we are unsure how easy it will be to find work but thinking we might just have to bite the bullet so to speak and go for it.

      Heres hoping some people in the know might be along soon.


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      Sorry to hijake this thread but we are due out there in about 3 weeks and my husband has had no success looking for any IT work. The agents he has spoken to are down beat and we are really worried that we will not be able to stay in Adelaide.

      Does anyone know anyone or companies that my husband should speak to once we are there or now.
      He is looking specifically for developement roles in Java etc don't know how much looking he has done but I tend to find it's who you know not what you know!
      Any help and advice is really needed....

      Michelle, Phil, Nathan, and Libby. PR175 arrived Oct 2009

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      Hi Michelle, Which agents has he spoken too??? Has he searched the uni websites and government ones, being on a perm visa you can work for the government, but harder to get into defence roles until you get citizenship.

      I assume you look on seek and careerone etc

      We too are worried about securing work in Adelaide my oh works in Network Security. I totally agree it does seem to be a place where you need actual contacts.

      I hope someone from Adelaide is along soon to help you out.

      All the best

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      it might be worthwhile joining the Australian Computer Society, specifically the SA branch, either beforehand or when you get here as they hold numerous events where you can get to meet with IT people across many industries within Adelaide
      When we arrived I went to a couple of the "IT in thepub" sessions and managed to make quite a few contacts who were willing to meet for a chat etc
      Go to http://www.acs.org.au/ and click the events section - you can turn up to most without actually joining the ACS
      I was speaking to my agent last week and he says that as far as his company is concerned IT hasn't really seen a downturn in SA over the past year
      I got a job within 4 weeks - although it is a contract and a technical role as opposed to managerial but I expected that as mangers roles appear to be given on how well you're known within the city!!

      I'm sure you'll find jobs once you get here
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