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      Do You Want To Know Much You Will Earn In Oz?

      Thought these websites might be useful for people wanting to know how much they are likely to get paid in Australia. A lot of jobs are covered by an Award rate set by the government. Many employers pay above this rate depending on skills and experience, but you can get a good idea what your income might be by checking out the Award.

      There are two systems, State and Federal. Federal Awards are for Pty Ltd companies and for companies who have agreed their own private Award rate etc. It can be confusing trying to work out which Award to look at plus it can take some time to find it, but the sites are quite useful, once you get your head round them!

      Best way is to call them, but not sure if you can call '13' numbers from the UK??



      Hope this helps!! :)

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      it indicates the award rates, but as stated many pay over this, and thats the hard bit to find out.
      fwa.gov.au With things due to change on 1st jan but now put back till april or even later things will take a while to sort out.
      Cramming 1500+ awards into 130+ is going to take some going. And i think many will end up on agreements with added contracts.
      The Boot test will be good, and should help many during the change. Agents can help especially for younger adults, but i see this becomming a business soon.
      Rememeber the rate you get paid is normally a haggling point too, just like buying goods.

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      Quote Originally Posted by kangomik View Post
      Rememeber the rate you get paid is normally a haggling point too, just like buying goods.

      Really? I deserve lots more. Can I have it?

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      Hays and CareerOne, from my memory, have average rates listed on their sites for most Industries as well, which can be helpful when trying to negotiate a salary.
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      Go for independent evaluations and surveys not the recruitment agencies. Have just recently looked at Candle ICT's and it's to laugh at.


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