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    Thread: CNC Metal Machinists - Are there many jobs in Adelaide?

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      CNC Metal Machinists - Are there many jobs in Adelaide?

      Hi All, we are just about to appoint an Agent and apply for the 176 visa to move from the UK to Adelaide. We would really appreciate some inside knowledge on the jobs front for a CNC Metal Machinist. I've seen a few jobs advertised but I just wondered if anyone could give us any advice about vacancies and any idea on salary if known. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We've emailed a couple of companies to see if there is any chance that they would be willing to give an Employer Sponsorship but not sure if we'll get a response. Thanks in advance, Jane & Mark

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      I am a CNC machinist,jobs are very thin on the ground here at present.I have had to diversify a bit but that isn`t a bad thing in itself.The job titles here are different so look for everything under machining and fitting.As for salary it depends on the company but if you start on a casual basis,which you probably would,i would say around $25 to $30 an hour.Dont worry there are jobs you just have to look in the right places.good luck

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      Thanks Robert. Glad its working out OK for you. Jane & Mark

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      I am a time served toolmaker, with CNC experience and as the other poster says they are veryt hin on the ground right now.

      I am now repping for a tools company, and went to Sydney today then off for a few days over on the Yorks.

      PM me if you want some details and i can maybe put you in touch with some companies that may be looking, or just get you a look around...


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      Sharon and Paul
      HI Mark, I came across as a sheetmetal/cnc machinists, Ive been here 4 months now and found it frustrating , I went for a interview for cnc job , they wanted me to run 4 m/c job start to finish and offered me 9day fortnight every other Friday i will be off with out pay and offered me $21 a hour I was gob smacked . I am now working a sheetmetal job not much more money and only 3 month contract , so Iam now thinking about what else i could do . When i first came here and started looking for jobs I signed up to a lot of agencies looked and phoned for jobs in paper plus cold called , just walking in to companies with a Aussie style ref (cv) I even went to night school (atec) to do a mig welding course. All certificates ie fork truck, slingers ect no good here you have to do them again Aussie style? I have a friend in Melbourne he says there is plenty of metal work , not much help if you want to live in Adelaide. So thats my experience so far , but i love it here so will do what ever it takes to survive? ATB Paul.

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      Thanks for all your replies. Its good to know what we might be up against so really appreciate the heads up. Jane & Mark

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      How many axes are you used to working on and what controls are you familiar with? Can you program, set and operate?

      I'm time served as a toolmaker with CNC experience, I then retrained as a CNC machine tool technician 8 years ago. My present employer in a Northern suburb employed me after I came here to install a machine for them in June-July 2008. At the time they were extremely busy and were finding it hard to get people to repair their machines, the company sponsored me and we arrived here in January of this year.

      The last 6 months have been very quiet, although work is possibly about to pick up for my company. We have 38 CNC's using Heidenhain, Siemens, Fanuc and Fidia controls. Most of the machines are 3 axis mills but we also have two 5 axis mills (only one operator) and 5 CNC lathes. PM me with some of your details and I can ask if we are looking to take any people on.

      I've also made several good contacts since moving over here and can certainly speak to them to see if they have any jobs available. Most of the companies I deal with are in the Northern suburbs so if your looking to move South of the city they probably wouldn't be an option.

      Hope this helps,

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      CNC Machinist Jobs

      Hi Ian, Thats really helpful, thanks. I'll PM you with Mark's details. Best wishes, Jane

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      Really useful thanks - we have just had to switch from a 175 to a spons. 176 in SA (again under metal machinst), we were going to Melbourne (were there regularly appears to be jobs advertised) but are now going to Adelaide and having re started the job searches I was rather alarmed that jobs appear so thin on the ground.... thanks fo ryour pointers

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      hey melian!

      I wonder if you could help me at all. I am actually a South African, but i stumbled accross your post while searching on google. My fiance and i are wanting to immigrate to australia as soon as possible and are looking for sponsorship. my family moved there in feb this year and i am trying anything to get over there. I wonder if there was any way you could help me? He has 5 years 10 months experiance as a Toolmaker and doesnt mind getting into a related field of work.

      Thank you!


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