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    Thread: Plastic moulding industry

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      Plastic moulding industry

      Hi everyone, I'm new to this site so will probably have quite a few questions over the next couple of weeks.

      As soon as we have sold our house we are off to Adelaide. One of our top concerns is finding a job. My husband currently working in the Plastic Moulding Industry - he is a shift manager. Are there many or any plastics factories in Adelaide and what are the jobs prospects like. Also what is the job market like in general and here it is pretty poor.

      Thanks in advance for any comments. xx

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      There are a few plastic companys about mostly making plastic rainwater tanks, try looking up Team Poly at lonsdale, it's part of Hills industries and always seem to be advertising jobs internally.

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      Rob and Clare
      There are few companies around involved with Plastic Moulding, the only issue is there has been a downturn in manufacturing so there will be more competition for jobs.

      We are currently looking for tool die setters at SMR automotive, Seeley also have an extensive moulding production capacity but is very seasonal. There is also Masrac plastics in Dry creek (think they do a lot of plastic cups), trident plastics is automotive, Quality Plastics does a mixture of products, Sarstedt moulds medical supplies, to name a few. There are quite a few though around Regency Park, Wingfield and Elizabeth if you drive around.

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      I currently recruit for Team Poly in Lonsdale with is in the Southern location of Adelaide, my email address is seanandpam@bigpond.com, please email me direct if you require any further assistance
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