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      Kelly O

      Any primary school relief teachers out there?

      Hi :)
      My name is Kelly and am currently a relief teacher in Adelaide . We moved out her in April this year. I had been teaching in the UK for 18 years. Relief teaching has been really great this term in 5 lovely schools once my TRB had come through. Am told Term 4 should be okay for work. Does anyone know how to get longer contracts that aren't miles away as we have 2 sons that are happily settled in their school? I am pretty scared about not working in term 1after the long summer hols with no pay. When I came out here I had no idea it was so difficult to secure more permanent employment ,even for many Aussies I have met.
      What do TRTs do when there is no work which basically is mid Dec to April I've been told?

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      I was in your position relief teaching when I came out here three years ago. Fortunately I secured a contract quickly and didn't have to worry about the term 1 lack of work and I must say I seem to see lots of relief teachers where I am in term 1. Have you signed on with the agencies, got clearance to teach in Catholic schools and got to know a few cluster scheme organisers? Which area are you based in and how far are you prepared to travel?


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      Hi Kelly,
      I am in a similar position but with senior schools. There seems to be plenty of work about at the moment and I have work booked for the first week back aftter the holiday. I had not even thought about the difficulties of Term 1, but better start preparing myself! I have put my resume/TRT form into three schools, so will have to send it out to more schools to maxmise the chance of work. I have applied to disadvantaged schools, ie Christies Beach, which I have loved working at and I'm just hoping that a contract will come about from working there. I have also signed up with Select (Randstad) Employment Agency who have also given me work and have met teachers who have work via Switch Education Recruitment and prefer Switch to Select although Select pay better.
      Good luck with securing a contract Kelly and let's hope more teachers let us know how to secure a contract for January.
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      Kelly O
      Hi Cazzie

      Thanks for your reply. I had a great term last term, working 39 out of a possible 49 days so I can't complain( i only know that because I have been writing them down on a memo stuck to the fridge and one of my sons counted them!). I am signed up with 5 schools that ring me on a regular basis, am signed on with Select and am a member of a couple of TRT cluster schemes so I am doing all I can. Just hope a contract falls into place for Term 1 or I shall be selling ice creams down on the beach which I probably would really enjoy!!
      Anyway, if anyone else has any ideas please let us know.
      Thank you.

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      I am struggle to get someTRT Job this term. I am considering to sign up angency. Could you please give me some ideas ? Thanks.

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      what are you up to now ? do you get a contract job ? Or doing TRT Job.

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      can any relief teachers who are registered who are willing to work in the North East suburbs please pm me


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