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      Robarts Family

      Does anyone have any information on telecommunication sponsorships

      Hi there,
      My partner works for BT and is a optical fibre jointer/cabler. Does anyone have any idea what he would need to be able to get a visa.

      We have tried to apply with my job but we won't be processed until 2012 as I am not on the CSL List.

      So we are looking at other ways of trying to get out there and thought maybe through my partners job.

      Our agent does not know a great deal about telecomms and so is unsure about what he would need.

      I am an Office Manager. Is it worth trying to get employment sponsorship in this and how hard is it to do?

      Any help is most appreciated we are really in need of some help and advise.

      Thanks in advance

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      Hi I am not sure if the Telstra or Optus would sponsor workers, most of the big companies here want you to have all that in place having said that you could check on there websites, www.telstra.com.au/abouttelstra/careers/index.cfm good luck
      the sponsored options for business managers would have to job spacific & on ENSOL list. We are on a sponsored 457 visa my OH job is on the ENSOL list so we emailed all the companies in Adelaide until 1 offered to sponsor us! good luck!

      Also just remembered that the government are putting in a new internet system - fibre optic cable laying (sorry not a tech geek!) but I would guess that they will require workers for that?? not sure but def worth checking! www.australia.gov.au is another site that will give you more info! good luck with!!!
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      I know your post was a long time ago but Just in case you are still looking at coming with your BT qualifications contact MILCOM Certificate IV Telecommunications : CCTV Training Classes Certification Australia : ACMA : Structured Cabling : Australian Technical Security : Upgrade Open Cable Licences : ACA Open Registration Austel : Fiber Optics Installation : Cert III Security,( http://www.milcom.com.au/home.aspx ) my husband has just got his AQF 111, it took a while but only because he was trained in house and not through a degree, our agent arranged, but you could email them direct.
      Good luck, you will also need an austel licence when you arrive there are different ones, but without one the fine is huge.
      Good luck.


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