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      asbo al

      anyone recently done general nurse skills test

      hi everyone we have made the decision were coming but now the trades have been taken off the skills list we are going to have to go with my oh as the main applicant.my oh is a staff nurse in a day surgery ward and is worried about taking the skills test.(back at school taking exams)
      has anyone recently taken the nursing skill test who could reasure my missus about the content and not to be worried.
      hope to join you all in about a years time:)

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      yep, my missus needed to do them (and I think you'll find it's an ongoing thing, in any case).

      - They just want to make sure you can do the arithmatic to set up a drip and stuff like that, a bit like renewing your First Aid Certificate, rather than taking an exam. They will probbaly send you out a sample of what is likely to be covered.



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