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Hey Armchair Detective. I too will soon be on the beach in Adelaide chilling before I start at SAPOL... What is the 5 year rule when it comes to Pensions, I've not heard of that before?

Hi demewoods,
It used to be that a person entering into the pension scheme could claim back the contributions between day 1 and the anniversary of joining in year 5. If you have been in the pension for 5 years and over then you can only claim your (pro rata) pension on your projected retirement date. Similar rules applied if you were in the military as you could transfer your pension into the job and BUY a percentage in years.

The pension age rules were changed, or proposed to be changed, around 2000 or was it 2003 by the government in regards to the age a police officer could retire. It was something along the lines of a person joining after a particular date (1979/80 perhaps) meant that they could not retire at 50 and had to stay until they were 55.

Anyway the crux is go have a word with your fed rep and ascertain if the rules of payments into the pension for officers with UNDER 5 years service allow for the removale or transfer of said payments.

I hope that makes sense;)