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      jason vango

      Prison/Correctional Officer

      can anyone help?? i am looking for some info or advice on becoming a prison officer in oz , does anyone have any ideas?? and also can anyone advise what popints score i get being one.................



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      HI and welcome to the forum :) Have you checked the MODL list for Prison Officer? This will tell you how many points you will get if it is on there

      MODL List


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      jason vango
      thanks for the reply which website is that?? MODL

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      jason vango

      prison/correctional officer

      Checked the MODL list but cannot find my occupation on there?? cant believe they dont need Prison Officers

      can you help??

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      Just noticed on another thread your wife is a hairdresser so she would be able to apply under her skills

      Good luck with everything and any questions just give us all a shout - -good bunch of friendly people on here :v_SPIN:


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      Not sure about the points bit but theres a huge relocation & expansion of south Oz prison system going to Murray Bridge all about to happen might have luck there!


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