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      Hi sarah,

      Thanks for your reply

      OMG burnt hair off, was it just the strength of the peroxide or had she used products with matallic salts in? goodness thats terrible.

      I gather you now work for yourself or mobile? why did you leave the salon? how have you found working in Adelaide? sorry for all the questions but i'm sure you understand what its like ;).

      Any advice you can give me?

      many thanks


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      The shop told her to use a stronger peroxide to lift her hair, but I dont know what the girl did at home! You can never tell, which is why I think products like peroxide should not be sold to the public in a shop!

      I workin a salon pt time. Working here is fine. I personnally havent found the hairdressers here to be bad, although I have seen a few bad things from other places, but that is nothing unusual aywhere!
      There are salon suppliers, you will need your certificates to get a card.
      All the jobs I went to were not interested to see my certs, they just wanted to see me do some foils!
      There are also salons here that do just cuts, nothing else was offered job in one but thouhgt it would be boring.

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      Saw that poor girl on tv - oh my god it was awful !!!! I would never want to even try peroxide on my own


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      Nikki, I was having my hair done in Collanades yesterday and even I got asked if I was a hairdresser and if I wanted to start work there!!!
      The hairdresser confirmed its hard to get good expereinced staff as once the girls are trained here the buggar off abroad, especially U.K, as thats where they'll earn a better wage.
      You'll have no problem hun.

      Judi x

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      Thanks Guy's :)

      Youve put my mind at rest, I know that hairdressing is on the MODL list but you always worry about getting work ( sadly we both need to work as we don't have lots of dosh, enough but not lots ) .

      I have no worries about doing a trade test, at least potential employers can get an idea of what i can do!!

      I quite agree that professonal products should not be sold to the gp, sort of makes our training pointless, and terrible instances like the formetioned only goes to confirm my thoughts!

      Anyway thanks again



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      Hi Nikki
      Now then I don't much about many things and have stayed away from this thread, but today as I was having my hair done in Colannades like Judi (must be the week for hairdos!) I was chatting with the manager of the salon whilst she was doing my hair and asked the same question about work here for hairdressers.

      She ASSURED me that anyone coming into a salon here who has qualifications and has worked in a salon so has experience, will get work. I really don't know much about wages and did not want to pry, but the staff where I go (Colour Bar Hair and Beauty) work on commission, so if they are not working in the day, they are not earning as much as they want to be - must be the bonuses Jo was talking about too.

      She also told me that at one of the city branches they had an American lady start work with them who did the cut and then the customer walked out of the salon unfinished because at some salons in the US they doin't "finish" hair. But UK to OZ the methodologies are the same, so that is why they are so desperate for UK qualified/experienced hairdressers here.

      Also, must say, I love my hairdresser in Colannades - Kirsty, she is the manager, so if you are looking for someone, then I can reccommend her - she is gorgeous (as they say out here!). Does a great job and is very knowledgeable on all the latest styles/trends (does that sound mad?) Also great going in there because they have great DVDs playing great music so if you get bored chatting, you can always watch the music ....
      Karsha who is their beauty person is awesome too ... so high praise in my book because I am very fussy about who rips the hair from my legs - teeheee!
      Take care for now

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      Hi all

      hi nickie im a hairdresser in uk , and have been for the last 18 years and pride my self on my work as i think im damn good, but also think we are under paid and over worked im sure u will get work in oz. but i also think it is around the same wages as uk but i wouid rather be hairdresser in oz cause of sun sea and bigger house lol,

      We are processing our TRA, at the moment and just getting the references together as requested so fingers crossed TRA will be sent off soon.

      From Dee and gang..

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      HI Dee,

      I also have been hairdressing for approx 18 years all told!! We(I) am also gathering refs ect for TRA, It would be nice if we stayed in touch (if you don't mind) as our time lines would be similar and we obviously have hairdressing in common, lol.

      What made you decide to move to Aus?




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