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      web designer

      lee is a web designer and has done some programming to. we did an assesment on line and was accepted for a visa but we dont wanna do anythin until he has found a sponser over in adelaide. im a receptionist/ administrator so that gave us extra points.

      if anyone knows of any ideal jobs for us both plz let us know thanks

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      Have you looked through the main job sites such as seek.com etc. I am a freelance web designer and will continue this when I get over there. We are coming on my husbands skills so I have not had to look into the sponsor route for a visa I'm afraid.

      Lisa :D

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      Hi Lee & Kellie,

      Just wondering what Lee has experience in as far as programming goes? I'm a software developer/web designer (kind of) and specialize in Delphi but am also conversant in C++ and PHP on the web side.

      Looking on some of the job sites it all seems to be C++ and Java, is that the experiance you've had? I'd like to continue in Delphi but I'm thinking I might need to do some quick cross training into Java maybe.

      Do you have any ideas on the type of jobs that are available in SA?

      Sorry if this is a bit nerdy :?



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      hi ian,
      yeh he's done most of that he has a certificate in c++ he does a fair bit of php java and flash. there are jobs available in adelaide for web designers i just googled it an got a fair few results


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