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      Ambulance Technician - Jobs / Agencies

      I will be studying to become a Remote / High Risk Advanced Paramedic as my resettlement next year. Between Phases 2 and 3 of the course I need to get logged a minimum of 400 hours as an Ambulance Technician with a frontline ambulance service.

      As the dates coincide with my family having moved to Adelaide - Mawson Lakes to be exact - it would be cheaper (and better for family life) to do these hours in Adelaide as opposed to UK or South Africa as most blokes on the course do.

      I know St John's Ambulance runs the ambulance service in South Australia but are there any agencies that they use to supply them with Ambulance Technicians?

      How much work could you expect to get with these agencies? I would be looking to complete these 400 hours in 8 - 10 weeks.

      How much would you expect to be paid per hour as an Ambulance Technician in Adelaide? In UK the going rate is around 15ph and as the course is 18700 I would be looking to recoup at least 5000 from the 400hrs worked. This works out that I would need to earn AUS$22.50ph. Is this in anyway realistic?



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      SA Ambulance Service run the Ambulance Service in SA. http://www.saambulance.com.au/
      Have a look under the section, Careers.
      Students are required to complete the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Paramedic), followed by a paid 6-month graduate internship
      I suggest you email them directly with your questions, as they are fairly specific. I do know that competition to get into the Paramedic field is keen, and that completion of the degree does not always mean that you will be accepted.
      It is a long time since St John's ran the Ambulance Service and they are involved only in voluntary first aid now.


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