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      Primary Teaching CV advice needed!!

      Hi guys :)

      Happy New Year! Well now that the teaching reg is FINALLY through I now have to get on with the business of getting an actual teaching job (or a couple days relief teaching at least!)

      Not sure how my CV should look...had some good advice here in the past so Im hoping that someone can give me some pointers on layout, terminology, etc. Does anyone know how long a CV should be here??

      Thanks in advance! Any advice would be brilliant

      Allie xx
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      Kelly O
      Hi Allie

      I moved out here in April last year, waited quite a while before getting my TRB- mainly I had mistakenly got the wrong police check. I starting doing Primary School relief teaching from June onwards and was working 3-5 days a week at a regular 5 schools.
      I suggest you do a resume, photocpy your TRB cert of reg, First aid cert, mandated not cert and go round at the beginning of term to the schools in your area and hand them a pack and maybe have a chat with the Principal or Deputy.

      There are also TRT schemes which some schools sign up to. As I understand it how it works here is that when a teacher is unwell they phone their own bank of TRTs ( of which you will become if you make little business cards and pop them in pigeon holes in staff rooms) or their school is in a scheme, they phone them on the morning they are unwell and you will get a call from about 6.30 onwards. I was really pleased with the amount of TRT work I got. Once you get known in a school and they like you, you will get advanced bookings aswell as the early morning calls.

      Getting a permanent post has so far not worked out. It is very difficult to secure a permanent post in a govt school.I have two kids and do not want to move out into country schools.

      Anyway, hope this helps.
      Take care, Kelly

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      Hi Allie,

      Did you find out about the length of CV/layout for teaching in Adelaide? I'm interetsed too as we are moving out sometime in the not too distant future. I will be a newby and will be looking for supply/relief work. Just starting to put my CV together now and was wondering about the layout.

      Hope you have managed to find work!


      Nick (36), Ali (37), Fin (9) and Sian (3)

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      If you're interested, I do resume reviews/re-writes. Have done for quite a few PIA members, some teachers. See my web site for details.

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