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    Thread: Lory Driving

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      Lory Driving

      Does any of you bods know if HGV 1 drivers are on the Skilled Occupation List,or if there are any reputable firms that would sponsor me??? Help.
      Many thanks...:p

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      HGV Driver

      Hi i dont remember seeing it on the list. Ive a HGV 1 and PSV 1 and I didnt see either on the list. The other bad news is, from what ive read, you will need to take an Australian test for HGV before you can drive one and I think this applies to the PSV too.

      Heres a link to the SOL http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/1121i.pdf

      Hope that helps:)

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      Could not see anything on the SOL
      But I wont give up until I can get into Oz:p

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hi Cliveost. Yeah you are right. To drive a bus or truck here you need to resit a test but truck and bus licences are the same so if you pass your test in a truck, you can drive a bus as well and vice versa
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      1 licence covers all???


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