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      Robarts Family

      Job Sponsor Advice

      Hi there,
      I have currently applied a SS 475 visa as an Office Manager, but going to the pain of having to wait until 2012 to get looked at.

      I have been looking for jobs in my field and there seems to be alot on agency websites, but all adverts say need to have residency/visa.

      Can anyone give me any hints/tips as to how to get a employer sponsor? I am really struggling at the moment and it is getting me down.

      I was even thinking of training to do something else (not sure what is needed) to see if that will help us.

      Any advice is most welcome as I am starting to get desperate.
      Thanks and Kind Regards

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      Hi just thinking would you nothave a better chance by applying with your partners job (I noticed in another thread that he is a telecoms engineer.) Take a look at the latest Critical skills list on the immi department web site I dont think its on there but I would have thought its an occupation in demand. Re training could be an option but the jobs on the CSL could take 3 years + of study and then you need experience so that would take you past 2012.

      Hope that helps, Clive


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