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      Logistics/Supply Chain Companies?

      Hello All,
      My wife & I are coming over in December and I am trying to get as many details of Logistics or Supply Chain companies for possible employment, can anyone help?
      I am leaving the RAF in the UK after 23 years as a Logistics (Supplier) SNCO and we are coming to Adelaide, I'm hoping there will be something in Defense based Logistics , Supply Chain operations or anything at a supervisor level or what ever is available.
      If anyone can assist I would be most grateful.
      Many thanks

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      Hi Steve,
      The DSTO appears to be similar to the DLO, but you need to be a citizen, although as the projects recently announced start to fall behind they my? I hope let non citizens with the right skills who are screaming out for that type of work to take up posts, but dont hold your breath.
      Feel free to PM for more info.
      Some agencies might be able to get round the Security Claerance issues,having been in the RAF for the last 23 yrs counts for nowt out here! sorry but true.

      good luck




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