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    Thread: Hmmm.....electrical manager hey??

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      Hmmm.....electrical manager hey??

      My names Tina, hubby Stu.
      Were in the thought process stage at the moment. Hes an electrician but as hes not done hands on work for a while, hes a project manager in an electrical/it company, he would have to apply for stste sponsorship. The best match job is an electrical manager??? wondering if theyre needed anywhere in adelaide? Wanted to go to melbourne but agent said theyre not needed there so cant get sponsored and should try adelaide. Seems a cool place from what ive read so far. We have 3 kids, 1yr old, 12 and 15 all girls so a wide range!! Hes the biggest aston villa fan in the world by the way and would love to hear from a fellow fan out there.
      Anyway.....did you all use agents? Seems a lot of hassle if you dont to me, plus they know their stuff, albeit at a price!
      Love to chat to someone there and see what affordable but great areas there are, any good websites for houses? did you all rent initially? sorry for alllll the qs!
      Ps im a nursery nurse, dont spose a jobs easy to come by ?:p

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      My OH is electrical controls engineer so has a handle on this. He is writting.

      useful sites for jobs are SEEK.com.au
      real estate site is realestate.com.au.

      If your hubby is construction then he should be ok but anything else is a bit tight. But be aware professional jobs are hard to come by in SA as there is very little engineering done here. This is done in the eastern states for any major projects. To work as an electrician in SA you will need an SA electrical workers license as this will allow you to sign off installations but if you were to live in the south of Adelaide (Hallet Cove) you would be in a beautiful area. A very nice 3 bed house will set you back 300k to 400k AUD wich is about 150K to 200K pounds sterling. Best of look.

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      Thanks for that but the agent said he should be looking at jobs where he manages a team of people i beleive. He cant go down the sparky route. What area are you in, and the big debate over north south i read, is that nonsense? ie housings more affordable north yeah?
      ps, did you use an agent?
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      The Dimmocks
      Cant help on your questions with regards to you husbands job but we used an agent and thought it was money well spent. My hubby is a joiner. We been here nearly 2 weeks and are currently living in the On Arrival Accommodation provided by the state. We north east at the moment, it really nice, some really nice suburbs around. We had a drive down south the other day and it so different to north, all hilly and loads of nice big houses. From what we seen you do seem to get more for your money down south. We looking for a longer term rental on along the west coast as that is where hubby's job is.

      Where abouts in Dudley you from?? We lived in Hurst Hill, our house is still up for sale.


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      Hi Michelle!

      Congrats on your emigration, am soooooo jealous. How long did it take you? Ive read it takes 3 years, thats an eternity. Weve just enquired with go matilda and had a phone call from them and an email explaining our route. Oh, by the way were in netherton,
      When you say souths best value, what part of the south or doesnt it matter? Id need good schools nearby, are you all sorted in that department? Are you planning to buy or rent, is a mortgage easy to get...gosh im sorry for all the questions!!

      Ill leave you in peace now
      oh 1 last question...does adelaide have year round nice weather ?

      Tina x

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      sorry couldn't help it, have to jump in

      He may need a supervisory grade (exam - course) from TAFE (College), he could need a cert 4 or even a diploma or higher. This is if he is not going to be hands on. You may find company's that don't want this but in the long run it can only help;)
      I think NEBS would be on the same level in the UK (but probably not recognised here)

      Every where has schools and parks for the kids, each building developement is set up at the start. You notice how many parks there are when you first arrive especially if you have kids.

      North south divide? is there one?
      People choose to live where it suits them. I suppose the Aussie dream is to live near the sea, ;)but thats not for everyone.

      New land plots are getting smaller in the north some are down to 300m blocks. The further north you go the bigger the blocks will get. It's the same going south, Seaford rise and Aldinga being down mexico way still have 600m+ blocks for good money, but its an hour commute each way to the city, if you have to work in the city!. Once the new new road goes in the prices will rise and blocks will shrink.
      The south has easier access to the beaches. Both have a wine region right on their doorstep, but how often do you go wine tasting?.
      Others have said before you could split it into a east west debate just as easily, so don't get wrapped up in it. When you arrive make your own mind up on where you want to stay, afterall you wouldn't take advice from your local supermarket checkout person on where to buy your next house in the UK would you, so why take advice like that from people on here who you have never met and they all live at the opposite side of the world

      I forgot about the weather and thats why i jumped in!!!!!!
      It's warm in summer and cool in winter. Warm being 30+ cool being 15+. BUT the houses are soo cold in winter you may need lecky blankets or at least 2 quilts. It gets grey in winter, last year it rained every week for 19 weeks, thats rained in the week not all week, and it rarely rains all day. Spring summer Autumn are generally cloud spotting days, and if it gets a little damp people generally smile. However this horrid humid weather this year i can live without, YUK
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      NNEB isn't recognised here. You could go back to TAFE and study some extra units and become qualified in a childrens centre.
      Most classroom assistants have no formal qualifications - but jobs like that are as rare as rocking horse poo!!!!

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      Do they have special schools?

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      Yes they do and if you're going to get a job as an assistant there seems to be more opportunities.
      Mind you as in most cases its always a case of not what you know- but who you know!
      The assistants at the special school near us all sign or do braille.



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