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      sean 1

      uk sparks looking to make the move

      looking into making the move and have a possible sponsor, have to complete a skills assessment can anyone tell what will be involved in this
      then to gain an "a" licence will need to do a wiring rules course is this correct
      has anyone any experience of the peers distance learning , do they supply all the books i will need to do the course or will i need to get any such as regs

      and any other things that you think of that would help

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      TRA Check list, I hope this will answer some of your questions,

      We had to compile a very in depth description of hubby's qualifications, apprenticeship, with working history and employers as well as a reference from current employer (obvioulsy if self employed proof of work experience etc)

      Hope this helps

      Trades Recognition Australia: Checklist of Documents
      Please use this checklist as a guide for when you believe your application is ready for submission to
      your Visa Bureau Caseworker. If you have any queries as to what you need to submit please contact
      your case worker before sending in your documents.
      IMPORTANT - Unless otherwise stated all documents for the Skills Assessing Body must be in the
      form of a certified copy and translated into English by a professional translator. Please refer to the
      attached Document Certification document for details.
      Note: As you will need the same documents for the 2nd (DIAC) stage of the process, and often for trade
      licensing and/or employment requirements, it makes sense to make 3 certified copies of these documents at
      this stage.
      As you gather your documents for your final TRA application, tick off the following to ensure you have
      included everything.
      Identification Documents:

      A certified copy of your Birth certificate or Passport

      2x recent passport sized photos (with your name written on the back)

      Any applicable name change documents, e.g. Marriage Certificate, Deed Poll papers

      Relevant Trade certificates

      Relevant Apprenticeship Papers

      Relevant Registration documents

      Employment References:
      Detailed technical training references will be required from the company/s where you were initially trained in
      your career, as well as any employment later in your career which is directly related to your nominated
      occupation. Please refer to the TRA Guidelines and Sample References document included in the original
      instructions email for in-depth information.
      Self Employment Documents:

      (where applicable)

      A Statutory Declaration detailing your self-employment will be needed - please refer to the TRA Guidelines
      and Sample References document for an outline Statutory Declaration and a detailed list of the required
      information for your business/contracting:
      Accountant’s letter detailing years and nature of your self employment.

      Tax records for each year of your self employment.

      At least 3x letters from suppliers

      At least 3x letters from customers/clients

      If you have been subcontracted to companies for long periods, technical references as per the examples

      in the TRA Guidelines and Sample References should be provided to cover these periods.
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