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      ultra runner

      Electronic engineers?

      Hi, just starting out on the bumpy stressful process and have been going through forums till I have square eyes!!

      We are (OH) planning to seek state sponsorship in SA or WA and I'm trawling trying to find out the prospects for jobs. OH's job is on the skills in demand list in both states but I'm not finding many if any jobs for electronic engineers.

      I prefer Adelaide because it is a smaller city and it has hills!! But the draw back appears to be the jobs market.
      OH is flexible as he has an MBA and at present working as an Information Analyst.

      The recession has really hit the electronics industry here (scotland). Is SA coping any better?
      Any advice would be appreciated.

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      We are looking to move to Adelaide but currently awaiting the new April guidelines. I am an Electronics Engineer trying to find work but to no avail so far. I have experience in test development, pic micro-controllers, embedded software and analogue circuit design. Any suggestions from anyone would also be welcomed.

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      Same here, electronics engineer but i am into the repair service of semiconductor test equipments.

      It appears thst we will have to find jobs in adjacent industries.

      Initially i wanted adelaide but western australia published elex eng included as smp.

      I have searched seek.com.au for elex jobs but they are everywhere but many are in melbourne.

      What do you think?

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      Im an electronics engineer too planning to move to SA soon. Im into semiconductor IC design and development. How is the industry doing in SA?

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      Its bad...

      I've been here for half a year, was in Electronics Engineering, doing pcb design and micro electronics.. no interview for electronics engineering, 2 interviews for engineering field, but not electronics, but even after that, no engineering jobs.

      Not to mention that there aren't many electronics engineering positions posted. The more common posters are LogiCamm, Codan/Minelab, while Seek is filled with loads of recruitment agencies. Hope you have more luck with them.

      Does anyone here have any recommendations for Electronics Engineering positions?

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      My OH is looking to fill the vacancy listed on Seek (below)

      He says that a successful applicant must be an Electronics Engineer (i.e. have a degree in Electronic Engineering or similar).

      Hope this helps.



      PS reply through Seek and the normal channels (not via me! lol)

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      Thanks for the info!
      coincidentally that was one of the positions I planned to apply for, and had since applied...

      @qgnd: for whatever is posted, you seem to have to tick every single one of the requirements before they will even consider you. and some of the requirements that they have listed seem impossible to meet eg. a specific software which a company chooses to use.
      it becomes a vicious cycle of "I have no experience -> therefore I have no job -> therefore I have no experience"
      job agencies seem to trash your applications (from the few that I called and spoke to) unless you have the same "key words" that they are looking for. remember that these guys know close to nuts about the industry, and are probably just checking off keywords. I feel that an overseas education from a university that they have not heard of, doesnt seem to help. and they seem to only know "UniSA, UniAdelaide and Flinders".
      best bet is for someone to recommend you into the company, so contacts help.

      And be prepared to be working cleaning jobs and whatever that comes your way. I know not your experience or education, but feel that they will not count for anything here in Adelaide.

      If anyone else had a better experience job-hunting, please share, because the light at the end of the tunnel is getting dimmer, savings are dwindling, age is increasing, brain is deteriorating... sorry to be a wet blanket...



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