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      Quote Originally Posted by churchj1 View Post
      Hi there, we are here on a 457 visa and we completely regret not applying for PR from the off set. We are severely restricted to what we can and can't do with both work and financially and we get no financial assistance from the government for childcare or anything else!!

      We are here on my husbands visa. We applied straight through Flinders medical centre and they sorted most of the visa including some of the cost, it took about 8 months from application to visa being granted.
      He is a Dr at RAH, he has changed his job twice already since we have been here due to having to retrain as the British FRCA is not good enough for the Aussies!! We, at one point were illegal immigrants as we didnt have a visa at all when one employer cancelled their sponsorship and the next employer reinstated it. It is a very nervous time.

      We plan to apply for PR in the next month as we are still waiting for the documents from the medical board for his full registration, something which has taken one year to fulfill all the various assessments and tests, also something which they don't tell you you will need to do when you begin applying to move to Aus!!

      BUT,please don't read all this woe and hassle that think that life here is awful because it certainly isn't. Despite all the constant let downs of not being able to get a loan to buy the finer things in life, or get a credit card,or move jobs freely or sometimes feeling like a second class citizen because you are not a permenant resident (gosh when I read that back I sound like a right moaning old so and so!!) we really love it here in Adelaide. Our children are happier and healthier than they have ever been, our social life as a family and individually is the best and we have the best friends (who are now our extended family) anyone could ever need or want! And I thank each and every one of our friends for being so wonderful. When we are feeling blue we take ourselves down to the beach and breathe in all the natural beauty that is on our doorstep and immediately know that all the sacrifices are worth it.

      What I guess I am trying to say is that yes, the 457 visa is an easy way into Australia, but if you are planning to make your life here permenantly then I would go for the 175 visa from the beginning. It might involve a few more bits of paper, but you will still have to do the IELTS test for the NBSA assessments and all the rest is much the same. Oh I would also suggest that you get your names on the IELTS waiting list as there is quite a long wait to sit it; and you will both need it for your skills assessment for your visa and for your nursing rego here. If you can get registered here now, it could save you 6 months of waiting for it to happen when you are here!!!
      Some of these PR visas are only taking 3-4 moths to be processed too. It would save you so much money and heartache in the long run, and with the being at such a low point, the more help you can get, the better off you will be.

      I wish you all the very best of luck and hope to see you in Oz soon!
      Julia xxx

      thanks Julia, hubby has just passed the IELTS and Im booked in for a date in May :D once thats over we'll move onto getting the registration stuff sorted.......PR route is looking to be the better option :) xx

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      Please be very careful, I am a Mental Health Nurse working for CNAHS which I enjoy. We have two nurses husband and wife working on the unit and they were told a lot of things until they arrived and things changed, they have not been accomodated with shifts. Please send me a pm or e-mail me for advice.
      Elaine :)

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      nurse sue
      if ogrady peyton are just the intermediary recruiter why not just contact the hsopitals direct? id say in the all the years ive been planning our migration, going direct to the hospital has always seemed to be the best way to go. ogp will just be on a commission to the hospital, so its in their best interests to get nurses onboard asap, and its not unheard of for agencies to bend the truth slightly to get people.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Tanya View Post
      thanks for that-I thought we had to wait til baby was born so he/she was on the visa from the start, didn't realise they could be added at a later date. We already have a little boy who's 20 months old so if we go down the route of childcare we'll be paying for a toddler and baby. However, we've been told by a couple of hospitals that we could work opposite each other on long days so might not need childcare.........
      My hubby and I apparently work opposie eac other but due to the shift overlap times it's nigh on impossible to juggle childcare between us. Thankfully I have a lot if friends who help me out, but I do use oshc for vacation care. If I were you I would come as PR at least then you would get financial assistance and flexability. It's such a big move it would be awful if you didn't have any time together as one of you was always working, or you hated your job and had no way to change. As nurses we are so lucky to have a fairly easy entry into Australia, I would use it!
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      hi does anybody know if you can claim lafha from o grady


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