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    Thread: Brickies

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      Sid & Nats

      Talking Brickies

      Hi all.

      Have been lurking for a while and decided to post!

      We are contemplating at the moment and I wondered whether there were alot or few Bricklaying jobs in Adelaide.

      Hub is a Foreman and has all his papers (UK ones). I keep seeing ABN Required and Blue card??? Any ideas/info greatly appreciated!

      Adelaide looks fab, just worry about work.


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      ABN is australian business number... I would guess if the job was asking for this then the job would either be sub, or self employed, as you you need an ABN for this.

      Blue card...not sure, but there are licenses for lots of trades here, maybe that is what it is??

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      Sid & Nats


      Thanks Sarah!

      Much appreciated. Ive been reading that perhaps my hubbies quali's and apprenticeship served (many moons ago hahaha) may not be as well received as it is here?

      Also that they only want Brickies not Bricklayer Supervisors (I think thats what they call them).

      Weve alot of delving to do - ive been searching for Bricklayers in Adelaide and haven't come across many.

      Perhaps id be better looking for a construction firm etc. Its all up in the air anyway - as we can't make our minds up.

      Think a holiday should do it i'll keep trying anyway!

      Thanks again

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      Hello and welcome to the site.

      Could not help but post on this one because noticed you were from Basingstoke - an old haunt of mine many moons ago!!!!! Martines, Bass House and the like!!!

      Really not too sure on your requests though. My husband is a carpenter and we called an agent to find out if the trade was on the list and they advised of the whole process. Might be worth doing a points calculator on any agents website and seeing what you come up with, either that or speaking to them.

      I will stick my neck out here and say there is plenty of work here for those who want it in the building trade. The wages might not be as good as the UK but the cost of living is much less (in my opinion). And certainly houses are much cheaper in certain locations.

      If you are unsure about making the move, all I would advise, is research, research, research - ask loads of questions on here and eventually you will come to a decision. We love it but it is not for everyone. If you can afford to do a holiday to try before you buy, then do it - my husband was getting a bit old for a reccie, so we just got our visa and took the plunge and 16 months later still love it and don't regret it for a minute.

      Keep asking
      All the best

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      Sid & Nats

      Exclamation Basingstoke

      Martines! hahahah - yes I was a frequent visitor too!

      Its all changed now though - no Feathers lol - but lots of queues to get in anywhere and you can't get in after 12! Whats that all about!

      Thanks for coming back on my questions. My husbands ethos is it won't matter so much if the pay is significantly lower than here - if we are mortgage free, have a nice home, the kids are happy and its as laid back as they say - it should even itself out.

      Of course I could have HUGE rose tinted specs on here - but with both my kids getting a bit of gip at school - im not so sure a new start wouldn't be a good thing!

      I'll keep searching and checking out Adelaide - it certainly has appeal at the mo!


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      Sid & Nats

      Talking Points

      Sorry missed this bit off - on the points front I think my hubby has alot of points I think I worked out we had 130 and required 120 - obviously it was a quick test.

      His trade was on the list of required trades too.

      All this paperwork - gees


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      I thinks its a british thing that we need to go from one job to another for security and piece of mind. Its quite hard to get a job in Adelaide or any part of Australia if u r not living there. Many a person will walk onto site and ask if any jobs are going ( yeah mate lay us a few bricks and well go from there ) as long as you have the card to work on site ( blue card) If u want to go in at a higher level then interviews may be relevant. Not sure how u get a blue card but it must be along the same lines as working on site in this country

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      good for you, seems like you are coming out for all the same reasons as us ... good luck and keep on asking those questions.

      Take care

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      Dont worry too much about not seeing jobs posted on recruitment sites etc, my hubbie is a Quantity Surveyor and we worried before we came out because we couldnt see any jobs advertised in Adelaide, but there are millions of jobs in construction....especially for brickies. There are so many new houses being thrown up (especially in the South) he will have no worries getting work..

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      Sid & Nats

      Post Thanks Welshy

      Thanks for that everyone.

      Welshy - I don't think it helps that we don't really know the geography of Aus really and I worry that we will look at Adelaide and then find that Sid has to travel 200km to get to work or something daft.

      Great scenario would be he comes over first to look for work - but not sure if he'd go on his own without us lot for "back up".

      Also - Sid is worrying because he has periferal (sp?) vision in one eye - it doesn't stop him doing anything over here. He rides a motorbike, drives a car and has worked since it happened some 17 years ago. In fact not many people know about it so its no problem at all but a medical would bring it up and he worries he won't get in? Anyone heard of anyone with this condition before? It was caused by a blow to the eye - not inherited or anything?

      Its a worry but if that was ok - I think he'd be jumping through hoops and plotting a trip out.



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