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      Arriving in April - looking for an IT job

      Hello all, long time reader, first time poster!:)

      I will be arriving in Adelaide in mid-April and will then start job hunting. I have a 457 Visa.

      My working experience is 9 years in Software Development, Java(J2EE/J2SE), web development and many other technologies. There are quite a few relevant jobs appearing on seek.com.au which looks promising.

      I have been in touch with a few recruitment agencies, and I would probably say only about 2 out of 10 actually replied, and both told me it's best to wait until I arrive before applying for jobs.

      I did actually apply online for a couple of jobs earlier in the month, stating my arrival date, but haven't heard anything back. To be honest I didn't expect to hear from any of these jobs given my timescale, but I thought I would test the waters.

      So it would seem the agencies were right in advising me to arrive before applying. Given the time difference etc, I can understand it, and I would personally prefer to interview in person anyway.

      Anyway, the reason I'm posting is to ask if anyone knows of any good local recruitment agencies. I have tried searching online, but have only found the more national websites, and as I mentioned before, many of these didn't even respond to my email.

      Thank you in advance for your help!

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      cornish Busdriver
      I was looking for an IT programming job in either java or .net and thought having a 1st degree it would be ok but even with years of experiance the wages were not worth the headaches so thats why i drive busses for the same money and less stress and do a lot of private work instead. My advice is to go knocking on doors with your cv and a portfolio of your past and most resent work. Most emailed cv's just get filed.

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      Thanks for the reply :)
      I do realise it's a tricky job market, but then I live in Newcastle at the moment which isn't exactly the hub of the UK IT industry!

      I will get out there with my CVs and see what I can turn up!

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      Have a look here i stumbled upon it by accident....

      IT & Telco Job Board - Australia


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      Yes, most likely they won't respond until you are actually here. My hubs works in IT here - Talent2 and Icon and good recruitment agencies to approach when you arrive.
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      Thanks for the replies folks! :)



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