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      Can anybody help with places to canvass for 457 visa in Network Security?

      Hi there,

      Situation goes like this, canvassed the whole IT support sector and was partially successful, it happened that Director of one of the companies was in London, so had interview with him 2 weeks ago and after interview he wanted me to have a second interview with his operations manager via skype so I arranged that with operations manager...an hour before the interview I got an email stating that something had changed with regards to 457 Visa so they had to look into details and then would get back to me within a week...bit of a drawback so sent a couple of emails to the guy that interviewed me, and guess what! No answer...so probably going to phone them on Monday...

      The problem I have at the moment is that I've already been assessed as a Group B Network Security Specialist, don't have the money for a 176 Visa and 175 is out of the question since MODL vanished and slashed 15 points off my total, I was on exactly 120!

      My gf is from Adelaide and had to return last year and we thought that I'd be getting a 175, but that changed and it's been, shall we say, a little while since I was over but she's looking around for any kind of opportunities and companies that may deal in the employer sponsorship scheme....

      Does anybody have any secondary advice or recommendations for other companies to get in touch with, all the career sites are pretty useless as all the jobs are with agencies who don't want non Visa holders! It's looking pretty fruitless at the moment trying to get anywhere!!! I've already got a CV, cover letter and references ready to go!

      Hope you're all having a lovely eve!


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      I feel your pain, man

      I am in the same boat. I can't believe how many people don't even reply to mails. It's not like I don't have a good CV. Am beginning to ask questions about the ethics of the average aussie. Joburg might be a ****-hole in terms of crime, but the average company executive has the decency to respond to mails, even if the answer is negative. I have been seriously mucked about by people in Adelaide and it's getting me down :(



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