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    Thread: Project manager site manager Joinery Backround looking for work

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      The Greers

      Project manager site manager Joinery Backround looking for work

      I arrive in Adelaide on the 12th of may 2010 I am a time served Joiner I have been freelancing as a Project Manager/Site manager in Glasgow for 10 years.
      I will work on the tools again if need be at the start.
      Reply if anyone needs a hand.

      Regards Joe

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      I have sent you a PM.

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      Hi Joe don't know if you know the system over here but you need a licence to be a building supervisor (project manager )and it can take a while to get one. You will need to get your carpenters (Joiner) licence first. I think you need to sit an interview to get that not quite sure.Bring as much qualifications with you as you can.You need to know the timber framing code concreting codes etc . There are a few types of licences the standard one only allows you to build up to two storeys.
      I am a Slater and roughcaster to trade but was a foreman for 7 years before came out here not a lot of slate work here and no roughcasting do the odd bit of rendering and plastering been here 12 years only been back on the tools for 5 years work for myself handyman do a bit of everything do work for estate agent (rental properties )and a property developer between them kept busy most of the time.Let me know if you need anything see if I can help If you want a copy of the jobs page Ill email it to you.
      By the way we stay in hallett cove been here 11 years its only over the past 3/4 years that I have noticed so many sassenachs there are so many now they call it little Britain

      Cheers Ian
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