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      Hi there, just posting upa few thread with silly wee questions I have! We are thinking ov emigrating to Adelaide in the next 2 years. My husband is a mechanic (currently specialising in HGV/farm machinery etc), and this would be his full time job as it is here. Hoever he does do occasional work as a door steward and is fully licecened to do so as per the new UK requirements. Is there a similar 'badge' system in Oz? He loves this work and he may be interested in continuing it after the move.

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      Yes he will need to be registered....... i don't know how hard it is or what is entailed....... easier life than UK though!

      He won't have time to do the doors, he will be busy working overtime fixing machines....... or chillin at home in front of the Barbie.
      You don't work nights and days in Aus. ;)

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      lol, thanks. well I'm hoping that he doesnt have to or indeed, want to - but he does love it, and sees it more as hobby. He is ex forces so I think it gives him a little excitement! Just trying to cover all our bases. he does love being in charge of the barbie though!

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      He will need to become a member of a MC club;)


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      beautiful!! he would be mroe than tempted! lol



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