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      Am i kidding myself?

      If anyone has any constructive advice please post below me!

      Im planning to come out to Adelaide with my G/F on a working holiday visa in October.
      I would like to come and get a job, get a flat and if im lucky have the job sponser me! ( i work in IT and G/F as a beauty Therapist ) im planning to give adelaide 5 weeks before i move on to melbourne where i would have, i think much more chance of work.
      My question is how likely am i to get a look in being on a WHV? How hard is it to get serious work on a WHV? does anyone know anyone that has gone the route im planning to go down? and is 5 weeks enough time to give adelaide a fair go? also any general advise would be great!

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      I think it depends on what you are doing and what you are prepared to do? Certainly you are restricted by the fact that you can only work for one employer for 6 months and there are certainly likely to be a lot more jobs/opportunities in a bigger city like Melbourne but that is not to say it cannot work out for you here.

      My brother in law came out on a WHV June 2008, he met a lovely Aussie girl within a week so wanted to stay in Adelaide. He had a variety of jobs from Call Centre work to a Car Salesman. He wanted to extend his WHV so he worked in an Abattoir for 3 months got his extension and then got work as a Landscape gardener. He has now been here for almost two years, his WHV is due to expire in June but he is in the process of being sponsored (and he is still with his G/F). It's been a long hard journey for him but fingers crossed it will all work out now!!

      Certainly I don't think he originally intended to stay indefinitely and probably didn't intend on becoming a landscape gardener but that is how it worked out and he loves it now...so it can happen I think you just have to be prepared to take whatever opportunity comes your way!

      Five weeks is not really a very long time by Adelaide standards..you may certainly get lucky straight away, but from my experience and a lot of people I know it does take a bit of time in Adelaide to secure employment. I guess you just need to see how you go. Register with lots of agencies when you arrive and keep in contact with them regularly. Also check out the job websites like Career One and Seek and maybe also the papers.

      Best of luck

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      Thank you for the reply!

      Thats the thing i wouldnt want to take a job in any other industry as i have to much invested in IT now. I guess the other problem is money i cant really afford to hang around to long if im not going to get any work.
      I suppose im different because im 26 and im guessing most people who are on a WHV are 18-20?!

      think he was brave for working in an Abattoir lol!
      Think i will have to turn up and try really hard to get a job and just hope that employers in Adelaide see that im good at what i do!

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      It is possible, we have gone down the permanent visa route as you aren't allowed dependants on a working visa, but my brother in law went on a work visa with a temp job already set up aged 29, after 6 months or so they asked him to stay and helped him apply for a employment sponsored visa which he has now got. A lot quicker than the 2 years it has took us.

      He lives and works in Brisbane, but I would suggest finding out which area has the most demand for your occupations and then concentrate on the big companies first as they will probably have the funds and facilities to sponsor you.

      From what I've heard it tends to take a while to get employment in Adelaide, so Melbourne may be a better choice.

      Good Luck

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      Thanks for your post also! i know your right melbourne will no doubt be alot easier to find work! but i think i have to give adelaide a go, even if its just a small 5 week go. For me it just sounds like a better place more property for your money, good food, sunshine, beaches and wine!
      Melbourne is my backup and if that doesnt work out im looking at vancouver where i have family but give me sunhine over rain any day!



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