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    Thread: Electronic Engineers

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      the advertiser(south australia's only newspaper) advertses jobs on saturdays they all appea on careerone website. also seek has jobs google them
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      Try the agencies here. My Husband is a Mecanical Engineer/project Manager. He registered with 3 and was offerred 2 jobs in 2 weeks and is now working for ETSA (big electrical supply company).

      Try Adecco, Hudson and TAD. Some of these may be facilities based agencies but are worth a shot.


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      Thanks nettogonow.

      Will certainly try with the agencies. Just been on the advertiser website and there is a job on there that looks interesting. Not sure they will be interested as haven't got my visa yet what with all the new SOL etc and the office not taking visa applications til 1st July but no harm getting my CV out there.

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      Thanks Ian.
      Know and love BAE Systems! Do you know if I need to have been resident in Oz for a number of years before getting security clearance to work within the Oz defence sector? I worked on safety equipment on nuclear subs here in the 1980's.
      If I can get security clearance then it may be worth applying for jobs on a contract basis to begin with until I find my feet so to speak. :)

      Where is the best place to look for electronic engineering jobs? I have been looking at a few web sites for recruitment agencies. Can you (or anyone else) suggest any on line newspapers that advertise these kind of jobs?
      Thanks Julian.
      Hi, my hubby is an electrical engineer and also used to work in the nuclear subs industry in the uk. He was employed by ASC (Australian Submarine Corporation) and needed permanent residency for level of security clearance his job required. ASC made sure we got PR before we arrived and then sorted out our citizenship as soon as we were eligible so he could get the next level of security clearance.

      Best of luck!

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      Wow thanks for this information, feeling much more positive. Will try to go on job sites and see what comes up, fingers crossed.
      Julian, Jennie, Abigail (11) and Melissa (9)


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