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      electricians down under

      Hi could any one tell me if there is shortage of tricians in adalaide as we are considering moving there from england and i would like to make contacts or even a job offer before we move. Cheers Ryan :lol: :lol: :lol:

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      Electricians in Adelaide and australia wide are in demand and you should have no trouble findind a job but before u can start as an electrician you have to get your license as u do in all states, u will have to get the address of the people that license electricians, they will most probally be in the city center as like the pace of life in oz they only have a meeting once a month to issue licenses. not great if u want to start quick. then you might have to fill a log book in of specific jobs u have done for about 6 months lastly after 6 months there will be a exam on the australian regs, its not hard and they are laid back its all to do with you working safely then off u go. there are a few different classes of electrician
      u want to be the top class allowed to do maintenance and installation work, i think ive wrote enough u get the idea

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      hey russ family if i teach you to kitesurf you wont be earning much $
      trust me its a drug that will have you running out of the house to check the wind 24/7 - your work will get increasingly shabby as the wind kicks in and youll find yourself leaving work early 8)

      problem is youve just moved into full on drug territory :shock:

      i feel the need to make you a friend given your location

      resistance is frutile and soon youll be dreaming of kiteloops dangle passes and riding blind

      alohoa bro 8)

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      bloody o mate cu u soon 8)


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