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    Thread: Lots of Work available in Health & Social Care

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      Lots of Work available in Health & Social Care

      I just wanted to inform people who are in the process of emigrating to Adelaide and their career intentions is to work within the health and social care sector of Adelaide. Well the good news is there is lots of work our here, far far more than I ever expected when I was back in the UK, whilst waiting for visa to arrive and worrying if I could get work in Adelaide. Before I came over I got four job offers, then when I arrived within the two weeks I got offered another six job offers. I ended up bcoming a Rehabilitation Consultant on behalf of Workcover SA. Well I hated my job, so I literally walked out of my job at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday 16th june 2010, I literally dropped everything and had enough, told the managers and I just walked out. Soon as I got out of the building I got in car and went on the internet via my mobile phone. I telephone five companies asking for jobs, all five asked me to go and see them. So immediately I went off to see these potential employers. By 5 pm that same day I had got all the five jobs. Four job offers managing community care projects, e.g. homecare manager, mental health care worker, community care manager, team leader role and also a role as a Rehabilitation Consultant again but this time with a different comapany.

      Today I have got another four interviews and two more over the telephone. Please dont worry about gaining employment in health and social care, if you are experienced then you have no worries. I have accepted the Rehabilitation Job so far and start this Monday 21st June 2010. But you never know I may take a better offer today.

      Good Luck to all who are searching for work within this field, either here in Adelaide or back in the UK

      Tony (44) Jane (43) Nathan (25) Shannon(21)
      Charlotte (15)

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      Thanks for the info Tony,good to know there is work out there.
      People do need to know.
      Hope you get the enjoyment out of you next job. Whichever you choose!:)
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      well done mate
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      Well done Tony, i mean well done for walking out!

      If you can move this far across the world there is no need to feel pressured over one job.

      Good luck with the applications fella, hope you decide on one you love.
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      Thanks for letting us know. As a nurse I have been kinda worrying that when I finally do get out to Adelaide, there won't be any work and I'll be in a pickle, so its great to here that there's work if you want it.
      Hope your having a fantastic time and Adelaide is all that you wanted it to be :o
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