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    Thread: IT temp jobs

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      IT temp jobs

      Im going to be heading to adelaide in October on a working holiday visa! ive wanted to do it for so long now and was wondering if anyone had any idea how likely i would be to pick up some IT temp work whilst there? im an infrastructure analyst but im happy to do anything from helpdesk to desktop support?

      My plan is to give Adelaide a Month or so and then head to Melbourne if i have no Joy

      any and all advice welcome:)

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      cornish Busdriver
      IT jobs are there but the money isnt thats why im bus driving.

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      So you reckon i could pick up some Temp work or am i just bet off going straight to Melbourne.... i dont mind how much it pays really im only on a working holiday Visa so anything i can get wil be helpful?
      Although i want it to be IT related, think it would be good to put on my CV that i have working in OZ

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      You will pick up temp work very easy if you are prepared to do the boring IT jobs they pay about $22-28 ph

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      Boring work sounds good to me if i get to have the odd long weekend in Tasmania or kangaroo island :)

      i hope the fare go attitude is real and i will be given a chance



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