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      New members seeking advice.

      Hello everyone. Can you help? We are looking to head south but the main thing I am anxious about is a secure career when and if we get down there. My wife is a nurse / midwife and has already had positive feedback from the hospitals in Adelaide. I have been a fireman for 19 yrs and having checked with the Brigades out there, there is no option to transfer so it means starting from recruit all over again (if I pass selection?) Are there any ex-firemen out there who can offer advice. Maybe I should try the Police force? Is there plenty of work for 38yr olds in Adelaide?
      I may end up looking after our 4 kids for longer than I imagioned. Mrs. Doubtfire perhaps!

      Thank you for your time.................

      Dave, Kate 33, Greg 7, Rosie 5, Susannah 4 and Madeline 2.

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      Welcome to PIA, I'm really sorry as I can't help with you request for advice, but I just wanted to say hello :)

      I'm sure someone will be able to help you!!

      Anyhow Good luck


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      Change of Uniform?

      The Police seem to be recruiting hard and the security branch eg PSO's are always needed and mature candidates are always welcome and at your age you are no where near the mature stage yet!

      Also you can attend a course to assist with the entrance exam/tests, but failure does mean await of 6/9 months not sure no doubt someone will know for sure.

      All the details re the physical side can be found on the SAPOL web site, but from your backgound you should have no problems.

      Well back to the kitchen for me,Wife back in from work soon, fully understand the Mrs Doubtfire bit.

      Hope this helps.

      Feel free to PM for more info:

      Kev and Carol

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      I can't help either, but you think they'd be screaming for new firemen! I'd make a few phone calls if I were you...

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      Don't know about firemen but sapol are desperate to recruit new officiers. With experience like yours - you should have no probs. If you go to their website -there is lots of info -even down to pay scales, training and entrance exam questions.


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