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    Thread: Advice needed on finding Glazing jobs from the UK

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      Advice needed on finding Glazing jobs from the UK

      Can anybody advise me on how they found emplyment before leaving for Australia?
      My partner is in the process of getting his AQFIII in Glazing (Flat Glass) and I am a part qualified Accountant (Should be fully qualified before we leave). We are goin over on his trade an it is our biggy visa appliaction next! Is it better to gain employment before we submit our visa application?
      We also have 3 young kids and would love some advice on what areas to look at.

      Thank You :)

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      Hi Munsters here I {David** - would you let me know what the glass course entails - I may have to do one soon and what visa are you on/applying for.
      As for jobs - go on net - career one, seek, my career.
      Good luck
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      Hi David

      The qualification process is being dealt by the ASA (Australian Skills Assessment). If you go to Australian Skill Assessments - Building a Pathway to Australia all the info is there.

      Have you lived in Australia before?


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      Hi, yep we went on a 457 employee sponsor last June down to Victor H but it didn't work out. Couldn't find another sponsor within the 28 days (that's all immi give you), we had furniture, kids settled in school etc so applied for 6 months tourist visa as we didn't want to return to UK. Returned Feb this year and are trying to get back out there. Adelaide is a lovely place - miss it even more after seeing the state of this country.

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      Hi Sorry to hear that you had to come back :(.
      Hope that website has/will answer a few questions.
      Where about in Adelaide were you and your family staying? Would you go back to the same area? What work would you and your wife/partner be goin out on? Do you rekon its worth looking for a job before you go?
      Its all alot of paperwork but worth it!!
      Goodluck :).

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      Munsters here - will send you a personal mail



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