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      Relocation advice

      Hello everyone,

      I am very excited as I have just received a job offer this morning.

      I am going to work for CNAHS as an RN3 (I'm a Mental Health Nurse).

      I have been given the number of the 'emigration specialist' in the HR department, but I can't ring them until Monday.

      In the menatime, does anyone know what sort or relocation package I should expect?



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      Hi Anna, ive just read your post and i too have got a job through CNAHS as a mental health nurse, ive signed by contracts and in the process of doing the IELTS exam for the second time as i just failed the first one by one point (uurrgg how frustrating). We aim to head out in about a year when are you due to start we may be inthe same boat!



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