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      Gas fitter from uk looking for employment

      hi all,
      my name is john and have been in adelaide about a mth now,worked in the uk as boiler breakdown/service engineer, looking for employment within domestic gas/plumbing, i have all natural gas appliance experiance(e.g cookers,fires,boilers,waterheaters,meters and pipework),i will have this week following a meeting with paul hebbard ,the work under direct supervision licence, until i compleate the l.p.g course that i am enroled on to do(4 days) upon compleation i will be granted, the work under technical direction licence,(no natural gas course to do because of my uk experience),
      just wanting to know if anyone is looking to employ as gas fitter or knows of anybody who is looking for a gas fitter/plumber,
      prepared to work for free at first to get a start or experience over here!
      any help or info would be great!


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      Hi John i just wondered if you got the job you were looking for as a gas fitter
      im looking for a simmilar job myself I have loads of gas qualifications but specialise in catering and laundry equipment
      Im visiting adelaide between 17th sept and 4th Oct to try and chat with a few employers to try and get a job offer ?
      Any help would be great.
      Thanks Keith



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