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      cornish Busdriver

      Sparky needed to give me a quote

      Missus has got a bloody big marine tank and a sump tank and got far to many plugs going into 2 sockets ; 14 altogeather and a couple more if everything is pluged in.
      Think we will need some sort of power board to plug everthing into to run the tank safely.
      Any sparkys on here want some extra work before we start phoning round for quotes.

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      Hi i can give you a quote .Pm your details

      Dean 43 Living the single life . Charlie 13
      .Now living in Port Willunga.
      Loving life.:)
      P.O.M.E Domestic and commercial electrical services .pome_electrical@adam.com.au

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      cornish Busdriver
      Thank Dean.
      Just pm you but addressed it to Charlie.



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