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    Thread: Difficult to emigrate and find work?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Deb17 View Post
      I would say, be prepared for a lot of misery and heartache, and pray your family/relationships are as strong as you think they are. We are only just finding our feet after four years here, and have had to lower our sights an awful lot, settle for a more 'day to day' existence and accept that we had to both change careers in order to find work - and starting on a temporary visa was hell, because you can't claim anything from Centrelink and your savings will not last long if you have to buy everything from scratch. I would not encourage anyone to come to Addy unless you have a guaranteed job to come to. Tradies and nurses/medical professionals have the easiest options by far.
      I have to completely disagree with you when you say the medical profession has it the easiest. If you knew the hell we have been through to get to the stage we are at now- which isn't much further forward from the day we arrived 2 years ago you would retract that statement!!! Being a uk dr in Australia is almost like having to complete medical school all over again!!! They bleed you dry financially wanting thousands of dollars to even begin the assessment stage then it goes on and on and you have to resit your frca exams and complete years of supervised practice beofrd you are deemed suitable!!! Ok rant over sorry!!!

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      We have found that you have to cut your cloth accordingly.....as we have done and i think that after 2 1/2 years of being here we have finally stopped from hitting the ground running and slowed to a jog.....

      Its hard....very bloody hard at times......but you have to concentrate on the big picture...and the reason why you did it all in the first place...build a network of friends as fast as you can.....these guys become the people you shre the good and the bad times with.....there is always this place where you can always come for chats and advice, sometimes you may not get what you want but hey thats a public forum for you.....

      Do your research......

      Good luck with it all.

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      good god it certainly doesnt sound as easy as i thought, i wont even read the lst few threads to chris he'd never head over. uummm i didnt really think about having a couple of years of heatache before life picks up potentially, having been to oz on a working visa i thought i had a good idea about it, but it doesnt seem like it. have to have a think now-feel like crying x

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      Quote Originally Posted by kangomik View Post
      Research research and research my man, look at house prices, renting at 300 dollars a week low average, price to live.
      It is not cheap here mate, not by a long chalk. Yes the weather is good, but if i told you the last three months rarely if at all hit 20 degrees in the day and hovered between near freezing and 8 degrees at night you may view things differently.

      Don't expect to land and Adelaide open its arms with loads of work and free stuff, its a hard slog mate, a bloody hard slog. Start at the bottom, work your way up, if your good and your lucky.

      Saying all that, if you can make it work then it's great, a different pace of life, more relaxing things to do, a safer place to live with friendlier people.

      If you work for the likes of Veolia or Cleanway in the UK they have branch's here, so may be worth finding contacts if you can.

      Life's better here mate, but it's not easy. Just a heads up with out the rose tinted's on.

      By the way i am in the love it brigade, so god help you when the doom and glooms reply
      This is a very open and true statement of things to come in my opinion,It is worth it ( very much so) , its just not as easy as people originaly think. Including me !! Before i left the UK i thought i'd work 3 days a week, the wife wouldn't have to work at all.I'd have a 3 bed house with a small if any mortgage and would spend most of the time at the beach with the kids. We left all sorts of things with the inlaws to throw or give to charity like winter clothing , coats , suits, books and videos !! Looking back now i realise i had done no research at all, because i was moving to " Australia " i thought life would be so different !!Now i see i was just moving countries NOT worlds !!!
      Adelaide has a very much "who"'you know attitude to get your foot in the door. Then you can prove " what " you know !! This site can be very usefull to someone new or thinking of moving over !!

      Welshey , How far down the UK is south where you become a cashed up pom with no or very little mortgage ??? I know i for one have a bigger mortgage here than i had in the UK but i have a bigger house !! Both me and my wife work to pay for it and so we should , as we both would have done in the UK !! Like Heaps good says " Cut your cloth accordingly !!" If you go and buy a big 4 bed house in Glenelg then expect a massive mortgage or deposit.To reduce this you either down size your house and stay living in an expensive are or you keep the 4 bed and move slightly away from the golden suburbs !! Its not rocket science !!!
      Good luck with all your decisions!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by nicandchris View Post
      Is it all really worth it - truthfully...............................again maybe this is for another thread.....
      For us personally it absolutely is worth it. We have had a very hard time financially for the first 2 to 3 years of being here. But now we both have good jobs, the kids have so many opportunities over here for sporting clubs and activities that they never had in the UK. LOVE it and would definately not change our decision to come out.
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