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      Job opportunities Adelaide

      Hi everyone,

      I'm thinking of coming over to join my friends in Adelaide and hoping for some advice on work opportunities.

      I'm a research scientist, currently finishing off a PhD in Edinburgh, and a qualified further education (TAFE) lecturer also. I research infectious diseases (e.g. Malaria) and teach biology/chemistry (but not high school). My wife is an experienced manager with a car hire company. Our son is 5 months old and still to find a job. Lazy!

      Are we likely to fill a niche in Adelaide you think?

      Thank you!!!

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      I am also a research scientist although I have not worked for the past few years. There is a lot of research here in Adelaide. Check out the Hanson Institute, Womens and Children's Hospital and Flinders University as these are the main sites for research. I have been led to believe it would be easy to get a job, but have not tried yet (and will be returning to the Uk soon) although I also have many years post-doc experience.

      I would look at these research pages of the above institutes and maybe send your CV to a few people and see what happens.


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      Thank you very much stmatt!!! I'll do just that.



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