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    Thread: Finding a job

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      Finding a job


      Thought I would let everyone know my experience of finding a job here in Adelaide.

      I arrived in Adelaide on 3rd July. I was a compliance office for an independent financial adviser in the UK, none of my qualifications are recognised here in Australia. I started to study for my Australian qualifications through Pinnacle and I am about 2/3rds of the way through.

      I have had to be quite realistic about my employment prospects here in Adelaide. I have no experience of the Australian markets and cannot expect to walk into the same job I had in the UK.

      Last week I thought I would dip my toe in the job market and I applied for an admin post with a firm of advisers near the city. When I hadn't heard anything by Thursday this week I telephoned the company and asked for some feedback on my application.

      I was told that as I lived more than half an hour away from the city they had discounted my application but as I had now made contact they would reconsider.

      To cut a long story short, I start work next week.

      I just wanted to share my positive experience with everyone and encourage those searching for work to follow up applications with phone calls, in my short experience here Adelaide is very much a people city and they really appreciate someone getting on touch and talking to them.

      I hope this helps someone out there.
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      You have to chase everything here, the employment market is deffinately different. The amount of applications they recieve from over seas must be huge. I know this is not he case with yourself.
      There is however a "thing" about travelling more than 30mins to work, glad to see you chased it, and got a result and should be a good sign to others, Jobs will not come to you, you have to go to them.

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      Hi Nicic,
      First of all congratulations for getting your 1st job in Australia and wish u all the very best for bright future in Australia. I would also like to thank you for sharing your experience, I am sure this info will be very usefull for new comers like me.



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