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      cornish Busdriver

      electrical Problem

      Missus has just got a new set of light for her fish tank.
      They are Metal Halide 2X250W with German 16amp 250V plugs.

      On start-up it states they draw 16amp but 4 amp when running.
      Australian shipped one comes with a 10amp plug.
      (Q) Would it be safe to run if i just change the plugs ?
      (Q) Would it blow a normal timer switch.

      We have just a new ring installed with 16 sockets for her tank so would it be safe to plug them into this ring or have we gotta get another one.

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      idealy it would be better to have own circuit, as the power point breaker would probaly be rated at 16 amps as for changing the the plug you should buy a 20 amp plug.as for the time clock you need to see what its rated at i think they are normaly 10 amps but its worth checking.hope this helps



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