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      Job Opportunity for Advertising field

      Hi people!

      Just got myself the 475 VISA recently and I am about to move to Adelaide permanently soon.

      Before I move, just want to know the job market there and keen to know if the senior members here can share some insights.

      Currently I work as a Regional Account Director, I have more than 12 years experience and I have always been working in international ad agencies. I understand that all the top agencies are located in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The only one I know of in Adelaide is BBDO Clemenger. The option is limited, and I am worried.

      On the other hand, I am willing to work for other industry with similar job nature. Or in the worst case scenario, I would take whatever that comes.

      In view of my situation, I appreciate if you can share your opinion and advices.

      MANY THANKS!!!

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      Judging by the standard of ads here, I'd say either (a) there are no good agencies, or (b) they are in desperate need of good staff!
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      I have had some right shocking experiences of agencies over here, sign this sign that, wtach this vidoe sign these forms...then hear nowt absolute jack.....i wouldnt even bother with them if i was to have to start looking for another job....but thankfully i am extremely happy where i am...




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