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      Smile ped

      hi, new user just registered looking for some advice/help. myself and family are looking to emigrate to adelaide ( been lodged over a year ) and i was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the job situation out there for fibrous plasterers. the visa company we are using cant supply any info so any feedback would be gratefull
      cheers ped

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      Hubbie works in construction industry and there certainly seems to be a shortage in most trades, however jobs arent always advertised. Most things here are done by word of mouth and who you know, its just a case of getting your foot in the door and getting to know people in the trade.

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      My husbands a plasterer, his first job was just from e mailing a company, second job was a company over the road from us and he just asked if there were any jobs!

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      Thumbs up MR

      Hey thanks a lot thats good news dont feel so concerned now whew!!!


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