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      jobs in construction industry

      Hello everyone,

      I am civil engineer with 5 years exp....3 years as a site engineer and 2 years as a design engineer...expert with so many design softwares..like

      Basic Computer & Language:
       Windows 98/XP/Vista
       MS-Office- 97/2003/2007
       C & C++
      Estimation, Costing & Quantity takeoff:
       Autodesk Revit Quantity Takeoff-2009
       On Screen Takeoff
       Sage Timberline & Estimating
      Design & Drafting:
       STAAD-PRO -2005/2007
       Autodesk Auto-CAD-2008/2009/2010
       12D Model 9.0 (Learning Stage)
      BIM(Building Information Modelling) Software:
       Nemetschek All-Plan Architecture & Engineering- 2006/2008/2009
       Autodesk Revit Architecture- 2008/2009/2010
       Autodesk Revit Structure- 2009/2010
      Project Management:
       MS-Project-2007
       Synchro 4D planning

      Before few days I have applied for SA state sponsership....but I have searched jobsites and came to know that few jobs available in SA related to construction industries...

      I am pretty sure that I will get SA SS but still I have chance to apply for VIC ss but problem with victoria is that already crowded and more applicants with less job....

      So can some one tell me what to do ? I want to immigrate SA rather than VIC but want to know the real situation of SA for construction industry ...

      Can some one plz focus and reply on it ??/? plz comment on construction industry rather than State....

      Thnx in advance

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      hi,i have been in the construction industry only for the last couple of years since emigrating to adelaide,was lucky enough to get a job on the northern expressway that was just finished last month but have since moved into mining on the big dump trucks,there is a little bit of work going on in adelide with house building,there will be a southern expressway which will be redovelped next year (2 year job ) but as far as iknow the contract has not been signed to any company as of yet,things are litlle on the quiet side at minute,thats why i had to take a job in western australia in the mines western australia is where the work and money is, i just work away for 2weeks then fly home to adeliade for a week
      seek.com.au is a good place to start to look for work also companys here are fulton hogan,catcon (they have a pommy hr manager ,i got work through them cause of that),leeds ,yorks,,hope this helps



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