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      gas fitter/electrical licences

      can anyone help please!!!!!!
      we have been here for 2 and half years and my husband has his plumbers licence but to go any further in his career here he has been told he needs a gas licence and the basic electrical licence. thereis waiting lists at tafe so we are wondering if anyone knew of private companies that possible do crash courses for either of these. my husband was a lumber/gas fitter back in uk. thanks for your help!

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      Try the Master Builders Association

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      ah thankyou have tried them and the plumbers ass and have now discovered that tafe is the only place and we just have to keep waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      hi, i am a plumber/gas fitter in S.A.There are heaps of courses to attend to be able to get your work licence to plumbing/gas contractors status. You might be better of calling Training Prospects @ Elizabeth East.mike

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      thanks heaps will give them a try!



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