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      Looking for IT company to sponsor me

      Hi everyone,

      We have just started the process of filling in all those lovely forms. Unfortunately we are a few points short of getting the General Skills visa. I am hoping to get a company sponsor and currently work in IT. My main skills are Oracle, Unix (Solaris), Web design, Java, MS Office. I am also first line support (application/helpdesk) for 12 software applications in house. I also help out private clients with PC issues and routers that kind of thing. I have just started contacting IT companies but any recommendations greatly appreciated.....



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      i am a qaulified I.T technician myself, and i know that you can gain state sponsorship for S.A at the moment as an I.T hardware engineer. It is one option i'll be looking at when i fly out there. Hope this helps you.

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      Thanks for that. I have emailed a few IT companies in the Adelaide area and hopefully get some feedback. Who would'nt want to hire some good old Brits eh!

      Best of luck. Have you been to OZ many times (7 for me so far and hooked)

      Cheers, Inventoy

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      Once in 1994 with my mum and bro, for 4 weeks.Loved it. Coming out on a whv initially, but looking to migrate permanently. This'll be a "try before you buy" kind of deal in terms of what work i want to do, and where i want to live.
      Let me know if you get any feedback from employers. Be interesting to see who's hiring. I'm chasing people aswell.

      James P



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