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      im just fishing for info!!! im a carpenter just wondering if theres work out there:-
      my missus is ahealth and safety consultant is there anyone know if theres work or knows anyone in the same line of work..cheers all!!

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      Hi Chippie

      My husbands a joiner and we spent 5 weeks out there last October. He had plenty of offers for work, seems that they are desperate from larger companies to one man bands.


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      Hi, we are hoping to come out there is Sept/October on a skilled visa as my husband, Paul, is a joiner, does anyone out there know if it is worth him taking his power tools with him as it seems an awful shame to have to sell them here and start all over again, maybe the plugs could be changed?! thanks, Lorna & Paul.

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      My OH taking his tools, must all be cleaned and look like new, would cost too much to replace once there and although not all brand new they still all work fine.

      Obviously with being a chippie there must be no trace of wood anywhere inc dust so we've been told.

      Regards Jane

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      Thanks for the quick reply Jane. He'll be taking his tools with him now as you say they'll cost a fortune to replace out there. It takes a long time to build them up. Lets hope theres plenty of work out there for them. We'll have to celan them with a tooth brush so they look like new! Thanks again, Lorna.

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      power tools

      my partner is a joiner and we did not bring his power tools only his hand tools, we left all his power tools with a friend who has since sold them on ebay and cameron has looked up prices here and says they are cheaper than home which doesnt suprise me as most elecrical goods seem to be cheaper here [t.v fridge freezer n stuff]He has not bought any yet as he has been working for someone else, but has just got his building licence to work for himself so will be going out buying them so when he has i will let you know the prices and then you will be able to work out if ti is cheaper cause you never know he might just be saying that to me cause he wanted new tools ha ha!

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      Thanks for that Hayley, I'll wait the hear from you on the tool front as it might be easier just to flog them here and buy some new ones. The only thing is you don't get anywhere near what you paid for them but I'm sure Paul would like to shop for new ones. Boys and their toys!. Lorna. :D

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      Hi Lorna

      Totally agree with the Boys and their toys thing i'm sure he'd like shiny new toys oops meant to say tools

      But we have at least a 20ft container to fill. So we'll wait for your posting hayls

      Thanks Jane

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      Hi every body,
      I know every body is different but can i just say we didnt bring any furniture with us as we got a price to bring it and it was going to be 6000 ,so we just bought things like dvd recorder, photos ,books ,cameras,camerons hand tools and guns[loads of them] and not forgetting the girls 6 boxes of bloody teddies and a few kitchen things and this cost us 1200.
      I will now list what i bought at the good guys electrical shop here in adelaide all good brand names as well,
      kettle,toaster,iron and board,plug in wok,plug in rice cooker,panosonic microwave ,work top mini oven,blender/smoothiemaker,whirlpool washer,samsung double door fridge freezer like a wardrobe,hoover,bosch dishwasher,and not forgetting camerons t.v a samsung black swivel 42"lcd and all this cost us $6,400 dollars so when you convert to pounds quite a good buy i thought,
      We then went to le cornu which is a furniture shop and got a brown leather 2 seater and 3 seater ,a huge glass table and 8 leather chairs,a queen bed,2 bed side drawers and dressing table with mirror ,another 3 piece suite, one double mattress and 2 single mattresses for $8000 and the rest of the stuff we neede like the girls beds and drawers we got in the sale at ikea the good thing here is they all have built in wardrobes so you dont have to buy any so i think it was cheaper to buy every thing here ecspecially me who has never had much new stuff i always had what my mum didnt want any more so its been great shopping knowing that it hasnt reall cost much more than it would have cost to ship all my crappy old stuff and seeing as the house i have bought is really modern none of my stuff from the uk would have looked right .I will also add there is cheaper shops than the ones we used.
      SOrry to waffle on but thought that it was worth letting people know the prices out here,cameron did barter the prices down in each shop by about $900 in good guys and about $750 in le cornu.

      bye for now

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      Hi Hayley

      Thanks for your info it help me decide as its something I'm looking at do we or don't we.

      I want to take personal stuff i.e photos's some precious ornaments. How much of the kids stuff do you take? We have electric guitars ,drums lots of cuddle toys!!! X-box playstation. Got to admit will only have 20k to take with us, so maybe we will have to go to he cheaper shops. Sons not coming unless he can have basket ball net!!

      Who did you use to ship your stuff?



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