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      Struggling to find work

      Hey everybody :D

      I'm 16 and I have been living in West Beach for 3 weeks now, and have spent those 3 weeks applying for jobs and sending off countless CV's but have had no luck!
      I'm starting to go insane due to lack of things to do

      I was just wondering if anybody knew of any jobs going which I could try my luck at appylying for. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

      Taryn 'xx

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      try going down to your local shopping centre with some cv's. I know the one near me (Castle Plaza) always has little signs in the windows.
      Also try looking up websites (depending where you want to work) but places like fast food restuarants look at hiring people your age and also Target, KMart etc especially now christmas shopping/hoildays are coming up.
      I know alot of supermarkets (Coles, Woolworths you need to upload your cv online)
      hope that helps
      Good Luck!

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      I would say the same as what chandan said, Some would get 3 jobs ina week where some might get a call for one in 3 months. Keep applying and follow it up regularily so they will know that you are interested and still available and will call you back to get in sometime.

      also, try applying online for coles, woolworths, and all retail hops they keep hiring people all the time..

      good luck!!



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