Hi all,

I'm originally a Brit but lived in Brisbane for 15 years before going overseas (2006). I've trained as a primary teacher in New Zealand now and we intend returning to Oz (Adelaide) soon. I'm relying on supply teaching when I return as I'm not sure if there's full time work available? My registration (I've only got the provisional as you have to have a minimum of 2 years' full time here and jobs are non-existent, except supply) is reciprocal.

What is the situation with supply work in Adelaide? What about getting a permanent position or long term relieving? Has anyone got any ideas? I read a post from Brisbane where one person had only got 1 day's work in 3 months, and that's scared me! Do you go to each school individually or is it centralised? How about the Catholic schools? Has anyone tried them?

Hope someone can give me some advice and let me know the realities!!! I don't want to be unemployed!