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Thanks for that. Normally I mostly do all the business side as Terry is not really keen on that side but if he has to do then at least he does not have to do a sit down exam just course work.
I willl look into the Master builders side. Work in the Uk is okay a bit slow over Xmas but now picking up. Weather is crap here looking forward to warmer weather.
Thank you for all the replies and we know what to expect with the licence side etc.
i think to get the contractors license for a buisness if your a partner you can get he license and leave the hubby to do the work as long as you both directors ( hope I got that right
My son I sold director of his buisness both his wife and I do the books financials etc he is thinking of making us directors as to do the course is a pain for him partially because he's on call 24/7 and Sod's law would see him get called out when he is in the course
Look on the OCBA is does show what's needed