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      Ged D

      Smile Electrician & HR Manager


      Can anyone advise what job situation is like for Electrian/Electrical Supervisors in Adelaide and current rates of pay.

      In addition, is it easy to get into HR as my wife is currently a HR Manager in the UK.

      Thanks for any feedback which would be much appreciated.

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      Welcome to the forum.

      You will need to re-sit for your aussie quals once here, but use seek for a guide on wages, but have a + or more likely a minus of 15% on the figures given. It takes a while to get settled and get your face about the place and then find the better pay.

      I think your HR quals may need to be re sat also, either a cert 4 or a diploma done at TAFE.
      Others in HR may know more, the diploma i did has parts of HR in it and it's not to bad.



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